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Convention Committee

Chair: Erik V. Olson,

Chair of Vice: Sondra de Jong

Hotel: Cary Williams,

Pre-Con Guest Liaison: Steven H Silver

At-con Guest Liaison: Samantha King

Registration: Leane Velhurst,

At con Registration: Pat Nuccio

Program Head: Helen Montgomery,

Program Ops: kT FitzSimmons

Green Room: Tammy Coxen

Teen Lounge & Teen Program: Karen & China Barnes,

Special Events Head: Mike Cyganiewicz,

Special Events 2nd: Mike Jelenski

Midwinter Faire: Marinda Darnell,

Filk: Bill Roper,

Publications: Leane Velhurst,

Ribbons: Peter Heltzer,

Social Media: Peter Heltzer

Web Design: Emily Knowles

Web Infrastructure: Sandy Heltzer

Goat Droppings: Helen Montgomery

Info Desk Head: Mike Kelly,

Info Desk 2nd: Liz Gillo

Exhibits: Dave McCarty,

Fan Tables: Dave McCarty,

Dealer's Room Head: Alan Voeck,

Dealer's Room 2nd: April Voeck

Art Show Head: Kerry Kuhn,

Art Show 2nd: Donna Kurczwara

Greening: Isabel Schechter,

Gaming Head: John Ickes,

Gaming 2nd: Heather Mcconaha

Capricon Cafe: Xap Esler,

Capricon Cafe 2nd: Ron Winsauer

Anime: John Fritz,

Operations Head: Thom Foss,

Operations 2nd: BLuR

Gophers Head: Dennis Dombrowski,

Gophers 2nd: Laura Dombrowski

Parties Head: Jynell Greenfield,

Parties 5th: John Robb

Equipment: Bernadette Burke

Official Guilty Party, Mia Christine McCarty

Mailing Address

126 E. Wing Street #244,
Arlington Heights, IL , 60004

If Nothing Else Fits: