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February 9-12, 2006

Sheraton Chicago Northwest
3400 West Euclid Ave.,
Arlington Heights, IL 60005
(847) 394-2000

We're back! Check out our new and improved forums! Find out everything you ever wanted to know and then some :)
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University of Fandom Faculty

Greg Williams
E-mail ConChair
View Bio
University President
Alyse Middleton E-mail Member At Large
View Bio
ConCom Member At Large
Andy Evanson
E-mail Publications
View Bio
Asst. Manager, University Books and Sundries
Bernadette Burke Course Catalog
E-mail Programming
View Bio
Dean of Arts and Sciences
Brian (BLUR) Rogers Work/Study Program
E-mail Ops
View Bio
Ops and Gophers
Cary Williams Campus Housing
E-mail Hotel
View Bio
Dean of Residence Life
Dave McCarty Greek Life
E-mail Parties
View Bio
Dean of Greek Life
Eric Coleman Radio Capricon
E-mail Radio Capricon
View Bio
Associate Professor (hon.) - Communications
Gretchen Roper Bookstore
E-mail Dealers
View Bio
Manager, University Books and Sundries
Helen Montgomery Journalism
E-mail Journalism
View Bio
Dean of Journalism
John Fritz Asian Multimedia
E-mail Anime
View Bio
Dean of Asian Multimedia Studies
Karen Dolley Art Show
E-mail Art Show
View Bio
Dean of Fine Arts and Curator of The Goatenheim Art Boutique
Kelley Higgins Visiting Faculty Liaison
E-mail Green Room
View Bio
Visiting Faculty Liaison
Leane Verhulst Scheduling Office
E-mail Timelord
View Bio
Manager, Scheduling Office
Liz Gilio Academic Advising
E-mail Info Desk
View Bio
Assistant Dean, Academic Advising
Mark Mallchok Films
E-mail Films
View Bio
Dean of Film Studies
Marty Coady Fabish Music
E-mail Filk
View Bio
Dean of Music
Peter Heltzer Special Events
E-mail Special Events
View Bio
Dean of Student Life
Sandy Heltzer
E-mail Webmistress
View Bio
Dean of Computer Science
Tim Dinan School History
E-mail TerraGoat
View Bio
School Mascot
Tom Knapik Stastical and Strategy Management
E-mail Gaming
View Bio
Dean of Stastical and Strategy Management
Tracey Callison Admissions
E-mail Registration
View Bio
Tracy Lunquist Academic Advising
E-mail Info Desk
View Bio
Dean, Academic Advising
Vicki Ortega
E-mail Treasurer
View Bio

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