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February 9-12, 2006

Sheraton Chicago Northwest
3400 West Euclid Ave.,
Arlington Heights, IL 60005
(847) 394-2000

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UFAN History and Traditions

What�s a Terragoat?

The UFAN biology department was working on a genetic enhancement project when they found that one of the goat embryo experiments had a DNA mutation that defied any of the laws of genetics. Curious, they let the zygote develop, despite its random mutational changes. The embryo was implanted, and eventually was born a baby Goat, but with advanced cognitive abilities, the ability to walk on hind legs, and a penchant for earrings. When naming the test subject, the research team commented on how Capriciously the experiment had behaved in development, and Capricious got his name. Subsequent development of the line was taken over by the US Government, who found that the odd goats had the ability to breathe in a wide variety of atmospheres with no ill effect. Thinking that they might be used in exploring other planets, the project was codenamed TerraGoat 1. later it was found that the subjects made lousy Astronouts, but excellent Athletes, and the UFAN Athletic department took custody of the project back from the US Government.

GO TerraGoats!

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