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February 9-12, 2006

Sheraton Chicago Northwest
3400 West Euclid Ave.,
Arlington Heights, IL 60005
(847) 394-2000

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Greek Life

Fraternities and sororities are a vibrant part of UFan life. Greeks have enjoyed a vibrant and dynamic existence at UFan, and in represent more than 60% of the undergraduate student population. Currently, the University is accepting chapter applications for the upcoming term.

Fraternities and sororities thrive at UFan because Greek organizations serve to enhance the college experience. Greeks at UFan have been shown to be one of the most active niches of the student body across a wide academic and co-curricular spectrum. Greek life provides open doors to meeting other students, interacting with upperclassmen who become role models, and learning of opportunities for leadership.

Across the boards, Greeks are involved and active! Greeks write articles for the school paper. Greeks sit on the Student Senate. Greeks are involved in all aspects of student life. Going Greek at UFan does not mean a risk in sacrificing other opportunities� it only means a risk in sacrificing boredom and complacency!

The real reason that Greek organizations thrive-especially at UFan-is friendship. Fraternities and sororities provide students with the chance to meet amazing individuals and form life-long friendships. At UFan, Greek affiliation is a unique chance to be involved with a strong, continuous community over one's student career. By and large, Greek alumni report that their strongest affiliation with Stanford is through their friends from their Greek chapters.

Greek activities at UFan are primarily located in "Fraternity row" on the 12th floor. Chapter applications are currently being accepted Dean of Greek Life. Fraternity row has a limited quantity of premium housing locations (Hospitality Suites). These suites are assigned by the Greek Council on a first come / first served basis, with all applications received by December 31st counting equally. Chapter applications will continue to be accepted until all space is full or one week prior to the student term, whichever occurs first. Applications must include contact information for the founding member(s) of the Chapter, the student housing confirmation number for the member(s), the publishable name of the chapter, whether the chapter's membership is open or closed, and the dates of the chapters Greek Week events. Please e-mail your application to

This term, the Greek Council will be awarding three prizes at the end of the term. The top prize will be a competition for "Best Fraternity / Sorority". There will also be a juried prize for "Best Pledge Class" administered by the Greek Council. As Greek organizations place a high premium on service to the community, there will also be a "Community Excellence" award for the Fraternity / Sorority having the most campus volunteer hours registered to their cause. Complete details on these competitions will be delivered to the founding member(s) after receipt of their chapter application.

Greek life is built on Fellowship and Service, we look forward to sharing both with your chapters and pledges this upcoming term.

Dave McCarty
Dean of Greek Life

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