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February 9-12, 2006

Sheraton Chicago Northwest
3400 West Euclid Ave.,
Arlington Heights, IL 60005
(847) 394-2000

We're back! Check out our new and improved forums! Find out everything you ever wanted to know and then some :)
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Department of Student Life

Tentative Special Events Schedule

Welcome back to another exciting year on campus here at the University of Fandom. The entire staff of the Dept. of Student Life has been busily planning all sorts of SPECIAL EVENTS to keep you busy when you're not attending classes. Immerse yourself in the experiences to be offered. Learn from your diverse peers and top-notch faculty. When you step foot on campus, expect a fresh perspective on people, events and places. Discover what it means to be come a true citizen of the Universe.

For this school year we are bringing back some events which are old favorites, as well as planning some new surprises for you. As always we are going to try to spice up the Homecoming Dance to make it exciting and unlike anything you've experienced before. Assuming our beloved TerraGoats can pull it off, we will be hosting a Bowl Game for the first time ever for you to attend. And of course, what would a school year be without visiting professors wandering around campus sharing their stories of the real, and unreal, world.

All this is just a mere taste of what we have planned for your time here at UFAN. As we finalize our plans we'll be sharing more information with you in this space.

Prof. Peter Heltzer

Prepare Your Robot Now!

Having second thoughts about media violence? -- when will it end! Here's your chance to "fight back"!
Capricon 26 will host a Critter Course. Yep, instead of pitting your robot in a series of mangling death defying duels ... Imagine, if you will, that you (that is, your robot) have landed on Mars, like the Spirit roving vehicle ... Click here for complete information.

Register now for Creative Writing 407!

Do you enjoy writing purple prose? Do you like to hear whole audiences groan at your writing? This is the place to be! Enter the 3rd Annual Dark and Stormy Planet contest now!

ATTENTION to all students!
Have a special event of your own to host?

Are you tired of having your club meetings in Fred's dorm room?� Or of battling for a table in the cafeteria?

Does your group need a place to meet? We may be able to help!

If you would like to schedule a meeting during Capricon, file a request with our scheduler.� We will check for available space and accommodate requests on a first come, first served basis.

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