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Capricon is proud to announce Musical Guest Tim Griffin!

Capricon is proud to announce Musical Guest Tim Griffin!

Tim Griffin is an award-winning teacher, musician, and storyteller with four albums out and a fifth on the way. He also runs the educational nonprofit GriffinEd, using music to teach science, math, history, and other subjects to grades K-8 for no charge.

Tim Griffin was chosen by the Annenberg Foundation in 2013 as a member of their Alchemy academy for leaders of nonprofits showing exceptional promise. In 2014, they chose him again. He is an artist in residence teaching songwriting to at-risk kids for several art and science organizations in Los Angeles county, and was a finalist in the 2016 Social Innovation Fast Pitch, a Shark-Tank-like competition for innovative nonprofits.

Tim has been a featured musical guest of the National Science Teachers’ Association, California Science Teachers’ Association, AAAS, Mensa, Interfilk, hundreds of schools, and a bunch of sci-fi and filk conventions; yet he remains totally approachable and is looking for collaborators if you’re interested.

Tim’s music, along with lyrics, notes on classroom use, chords, etc. is all free at GriffinEd’s website:

Tim Griffin