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Amazing Adventures continue well into the night at Capricon! We are really proud of having great evening hospitality events year after year. Our party hosts throw some of the best parties we’ve seen around the country, and we know that this year will be no different.

If you are interested in throwing a party, hooray! You’re on the right web page. Thanks for visiting!

Your party can be an adventure! Want to have a high-tech, SF party with LEDs and aliens and dry ice foaming in the drinks served by robots? A magical, fantastical party with wizards and wands and tankards of ale served by elves? Or perhaps in you’re in for an alternate history steampunky party with gadgets and goggles and drinks floating through the air, carried to thirsty partygoers by dirigible? The choice is yours!

You can throw a party on one, two, or three of the party nights (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday). There are several types of suites available, all for $149 / night, as well as standard sleeping rooms on the party floors for $103 / night.


We will once again be giving out prizes to our fabulous parties! This year there will be four awards:

  • Best Overall Party – self explanatory, yes? Winner gets a comped suite for one night at Capricon 33 for throwing a party.
  • Best Thursday Night Party – Capricon is a four-day convention! We love to start the party on Thursday!
  • Concom’s Choice Award – The Party Facilitatrix will poll the concom on Sunday morning to see which party wins this award.
  • Best Themed Drink – How will you incorporate “Amazing Adventures” into a drink? Ingredients? Name? Presentation? All will be considered for this award.

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Join us on our adventure! Send an email to for more detailed information and get ready to party!
Helen Montgomery
Party Facilitatrix, Capricon 32