Call for Artists

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We welcome all media and styles of art both within the Art Show and the Print Shop, though subject matter should stay under the very broad umbrella of ‘science fiction, fantasy &/or alternate history.’ All art either in the Art Show or in the Print Shop must be clearly labeled with title and artist name, for ease of identification. If you have adult themes in your art (gore, nudity, &/or sexual themes) or any questions about our subject/genre expectations, please contact the Art Show lead well prior to the convention at Capricon does not accept artwork for resale.


The Art Show charges a $0.50 (50 cents) per piece hanging fee for pieces with a minimum bid of less than $100. Pieces with a minimum bid of $100 or more and NFS (Not For Sale) pieces have a $1.00 hanging fee per piece. In addition, a 10% commission is charged on every sale, including Print Shop pieces.

Available Space & Equipment

The Art Show has both grid walls (2”x7” panels) and tables (18”x6′) available for hanging and display of your work. All 2-dimensional work must be framed &/or matted. We also have S-hooks and binder clips for hanging pieces, and will have control & bid sheets on-site for exhibiting artists to use, although we prefer the paperwork (available in the ‘Downloads’ section, below) to be filled out prior to the show, if at all possible. We do not have display cases or other ways to secure easily portable pieces, so we encourage you to protect your smaller pieces by bringing in your own display case or mounting and bagging so they can be hung with the s-hooks and binder clips.

Artists are responsible for the set-up and removal of their work, either by themselves or through an authorized proxy (authorization must be submitted in writing), although Art Show staff reserves the right to move, rearrange, or remove work at their discretion. If you have any special requirements (access to electrical outlets, etc) for display of your work, we will be more than happy to accommodate you, provided you contact the Art Show lead before the convention.

Mail-In Art & Reserving Space

For those artists who are unable to attend the convention, we do accept mail-in submissions. As space may be limited, we also strongly recommend reserving space in the show before the convention. However, due to these same limitations, all mail-ins and reservations will be juried by art show staff.

Mail-in and reserved-space applications should consist of the following: a filled-in copy of the artists’ info section of the control sheet (see ‘Downloads’ below) or an email containing the artist’s contact information (full name, postal address, phone number, & email address). Please also include examples of the artist’s work that exemplify what may appear in the show, although the piece(s) submitted need not be the exact pieces that will appear in the show. Examples can be as simple as photographs, small/low-res images of your work, or a link to your website. You may submit your applications via email at; should you prefer a different method, feel free to contact the Art Show lead to arrange an alternative. Deadline for these applications has been extended to January 7th, and you will receive a response from the Art Show within 1-2 weeks with further instructions and information.

Walk-In Art

For those artists who are able to attend the convention, we will also accept walk-in applications on-site at the Art Show. However, mail-in art and reservations will take primary consideration, and the remaining space (if any) will be allotted on a first-come, first-serve basis. All unsold art must be picked up on Sunday.

Print Shop

There will be a space in the art room set aside for the Print Shop, an alternative or supplementary way for artists to display and sell their work. Again, in contrast to the main Art Show, art in the Print Shop is available for immediate purchase and removal, and will be priced at a flat rate (as in, there is no ‘bidding’).

The significant differences between an ‘Art Show’ piece and a ‘Print Shop’ piece are presentation and quantity. 2-D Art Show pieces must be matted &/or framed, but there are no such requirements for Print Shop pieces. While we do recommend protective sleeves at minimum for 2-D Print Shop pieces, they are not strictly required (please note: the convention is not responsible for any damage to unprotected art in the Print Shop). Also, an artist may have multiple pieces from a print series or run in the Print Shop, but only a single version of that image displayed in the Art Show.

This means that a digital artist, photographer, etc. may display a single framed &/or matted piece in the Art Show, regardless or numbering or signing, and have additional prints from that run in the Print Shop. In this case, we request that the piece in the Art Show be listed as NFS (Not For Sale) with a sign indicating the presence of prints in the Print Shop.

This is a change from previous policies, in an effort to be more welcoming to artists who work in newer media.


 [ Art Show Paperwork ] [ Word Document version ] This fillable PDF file contains all three of the following:

Registration Form: All artists (mail-in, print shop, or otherwise) must fill out a registration form. For those wishing to either mail in their work or reserve space, please submit this page as part of your application with examples of your work by December 1st.

Control Sheets: All artists must fill out the appropriate control sheet for their work. The first control sheet is for the Art Show, and the second is for the Print Shop.

Bid Sheets: Every individual piece in the Art Show must have a bid sheet, and each bid sheet should correspond to the information given on the control sheet(s) and the registration form. Multiples of Print Shop pieces do not require bid sheets, but each individual Print Shop piece must be clearly labeled with the artist’s name, title, and price in some other way.

Please either type in the fields or print clearly in pen if filling out by hand. We also have Word and OpenOffice versions of these files available upon request.