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Friday, February 11, 2005
REGISTRATION DEADLINE: 7:00 pm Friday, February 11, 2005

The Mad Scientist Show-N-Tell at Capricon 25 will be held according to the following rules and regulations. Any exceptions to these rules require the permission of the Show-N-Tell Director. These rules are subject to modification and additions in future updates, but the likelihood of the following being removed or amended is slim to none.

Capricon 25 - Mad Scientists

February 10-13, 2005
Arlington Heights, IL

1. The Mad Scientist Show-N-Tell is a chance for ANYONE to show off a favorite invention, a particularly well-made costume or even just a knack for showing off! Any and all comers are welcome and encouraged to enter. There is only one condition. You MUST have a “creation” to present – a new life form, a time machine, a temporal vortex… The possibilities are virtually endless. We want to see your creativity.

2. The 2004 Show-N-Tell will be held Friday, February 11, 2005 at 8:00 pm in the Lake Michigan Room.

3. Anyone entering must check in at the Show-N-Tell Green Room in the Lake Superior Room between 7:00 and 7:30 pm Friday, February 11, 2005. Entries that do not check in may be eliminated. You may register by printing out and mailing in an Entry Form, or download our MS Word Entry Form that you can then e-mail to showntellcapriconorg. Entry forms will also be available at the convention in Registration and ConOps.

4. All Show-N-Tell contestants must be attending members of Capricon 25. If the maker and presenter are different people, both must be attending members. A costume maker need not have a membership if they will not be attending Capricon 25.

5. There will be one (1) Grand Prize Trophy and 1st thru 5th Place Runner-Up Plaques awarded in the adult category. All children under 12 (not competing in groups with adults) will receive ribbons for participating.

6. No open flame, fire, flash powder or flash paper is allowed. Sealed electronic flashes are permitted. Please note any strobe or bright effects in the Entry Description section of the entry form. This allows the Show-N-Tell Director to review it and the Emcee to warn the audience.

7. No pointing of laser pens at the audience or tech crew. This rule is non-negotiable. When in doubt, please use common sense and don’t do injury to your fellow costumers.
8. All special effects must be reviewed with the Show-N-Tell Director before or at setup.

9. Costumes with electric power requirements must be self-contained. Connections to electrical outlets will not be available.
10. No messy substances on stage. If in doubt ask the Show-N-Tell Director. The stage must be in as good a condition when you leave as when you enter. If you are leaving something on stage, the stage crew must easily pick it up, or else you should bring your own ninjas for clean up.

11. Credit must be given for all make-up and costume construction.

12. No real firearms. Handle realistic-looking firearms with care. In fact, no dangerous or potentially dangerous props will be allowed without the close inspection of the Show-N-Tell Director. No weapons will be pointed at the judges and the director must approve any other weapon play.

13. This Show-N-Tell is rated PG-13. As much as I might enjoy it personally, I will have to insist on no nudity or partial nudity. Lack of costume is not a costume.

14. No flash photography of contestants onstage. Offstage, please get permission from the costumer before you flash. And remember, there may be people around you who are sensitive to your flash.

15. Presentation time limits: two minutes for a group of 1-4 people, three minutes for a group of 5-8, and four minutes for a group of 9 or more. The Show-N-Tell Director on a case-by-case basis may give additional time.

16. You need not provide music for your entry but if you do, please make sure that it is on a CD, on one track only. Unfortunately we will be unable to mic the stage. Please feel free to record your presentation or you may choose to speak on stage – just remember to project! A final option is to have the Emcee read a prepared script about your creation. Just provide the wording you want to go with your entry to our Show-N-Tell Director and Emcee, Tonya Foust, or her assistant Valerie Roberts (Demon). They will be glad to work with you to get the wording the way you want it.

17. If you have questions, you may contact them at showntellcapriconorg. They want to help you make the best of your Show-N-Tell entry.

18. No live animals are allowed on stage with the exception of service animals.

19. Contestants must report to the Show-N-Tell Green Room no later than 7:30pm, Friday, February 11, 2005. Report times will be posted at the convention. Failure to appear or to be ready to go on stage may result in disqualification. Note that Acts of God may, to an extent, mitigate this.

20. The Show-N-Tell Director reserves the right to eliminate anyone from competition on the basis of taste, danger to the audience or other contestants, or for any other reason deemed sufficient.

21. Surprise the audience, not the Show-N-Tell Director. If you are planning something particularly “unusual,” please let us know in advance.

22. The Show-N-Tell Director has the final say.

James P. Hogan- Author GoH
Shaenon K. Garrity - Artist GoH
John Morse - Fan GoH


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