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Capricious - Heheheh

Welcome to Capricon 25…Mad Scientists room parties! Think your signature drink can calm the monster rising from the couch, Can your goodies soothe the mob out side your castle gate, think you can recreate the lab where it all started in your hotel room? This years Capricon party division thinks you can.

Party Goers
Even if you are just attending room parties, this will be the place for you. We will have a listing of all the confirmed parties and the scoop on them. Such as when they are, what they are all about, and where to find them!

Capricon 25 - Mad Scientists

February 10-13, 2005
Arlington Heights, IL

Don’t forget to VOTE! We need you to vote for your favorite room party! There are six categories to vote in. Please see the rules page for all the rules of party voting. A numbered ballot is given to all Capricon members when you register. this is the ballot you should use to vote. It cannot be replaced if lost. Please keep it safe. Ballots are due by Noon on Sunday. Ballot boxes are located by the elevators on the party floor, in the Consuite, and in Operations which is open 24 hours a day. Please join us in closing ceremonies to cheer on the winners as they are announced.

Party Planners
If you are planning on throwing a room party, there are just a few simple steps to registering and you will be on your way. Call the Sheraton at (847) 394-2000 and make a reservation for Capricon. You do not need to mention you want the party floor or even the room. Then send me a e-mail partiescapriconorg with your confirmation number, contact info, and a brief description of your party and room needs. I will then place your reservation onto the party floor and decide on your room type if you requested a parlor, and then send you a confirmation letter which will even include your room number so you can pre-make your flyers!!

You will want to register early as we have a limited number of parlors available, but don’t fret we have a lot of oversized guest rooms to use on this floor. Just keep in mind that every night except for Thursday you have a parlor you MUST throw a party. All the party rooms have one king size bed but no smoking, sorry folks!

Thanks once again to all those of you out there who throw room parties at Capricon and make it the Best Damn Place PERIOD to throw room parties in the Midwest! And a big thank you to all you party attendees as . You all ROCK! So as always......” Let’ have *FUN* out there!”

Rules are never fun to have to say, but ever so necessary. My personal rule, as long as you’re not breaking any other rules, is to have fun.

Overall Rules
Please help keep Capricon, its members, and people at the Sheraton happy by following all of the rules set by the Sheraton. Please also follow all of the state of Illinois, the Town of Arlington Heights, and the federal government of the United States. Please use common sense when it comes to your conduct.

Party Registration
All parties must register thru the party liaison to throw a room party during Capricon. Failure to do so may result in your party being shutdown. Capricon reserves the right to refuse a party to be thrown at Capricon for any reason. this decision is at the sole discretion of the party liaison.

Party Flyers
Party flyers are allowed to be posted on any bulletin board in the hotel. There will be bulletin boards on every party floor, by Operations, Consuite, by Main Programming, by Registration, and by the first floor elevators. flyers are allowed on the metal door frames of your room, but not on the door itself. Flyers cannot be posted on any wall surface of the hotel regardless of what material it is made of. Flyers are also not permitted to be posted in the elevators. The only acceptable tape is masking tape.

Drinking Rules
It is the responsibility of every party or person serving a drink to see the ID of the person you are serving a drink to. In Illinois, the drinking age is 21. Parties not following this law will be subject to shut down as well as possible legal action if the proper authorities deem it necessary.

Smoking Rules
The Sheraton has designated the entire party floor NON-SMOKING. Smoking is not permitted in any room on this floor (12th floor) , in the hallway of this floor, or in the stairwell or elevators leading onto this floor. Violation of this law will result in action being taken against you and the hotel can charge you up to $5,000 for cleaning fees if you smoke anywhere on this floor. You also risk your membership being revoked by Capricon , as well as the possibility that the police will issue you a ticket with additional fines.

the Sheraton underwent a multi-million dollar renovation in the last few years. Please help us keep the hotel safe and undamaged by smoking responsibly in the authorized areas only. The 12th floor where our parties are at is one of the hotels Premier floors and we would like to be able to continue to use it for parties by following common sense and the rules set out by the hotel. Please help us make Capricon as fun as it can be all the same.

Party Voting
The “Best Party Awards” will be issued to the party in each category who receives the most votes by convention attendees for that category. Voting is by ballot only. Numbered ballots are issued with your membership . No replacement is available should you lose it. In the event of a tie, Party Liaison will vote to break the tie. Ballot box stuffing is against the rules and will result in your ballots not be counted. If a person is found cheating, the party will be disqualified from winning. Token prizes to attendees to vote for your party are within the spirit of the vote, as long as they do not exceed a value of $1. For example, a party may have a special drink for people who say they will vote for their parties. Parties are not allowed to collect ballots. Ballot boxes will be located on the party floor by the elevator, in the Consuite, and in Operations. Ballots are due by Noon on Sunday of Capricon. Winners will be announced at the closing ceremonies.

Blanket Rule
In any other circumstance not covered by these rules the Party Liaison will make the final decision.

James P. Hogan- Author GoH
Shaenon K. Garrity - Artist GoH
John Morse - Fan GoH


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