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Last Update: 1/18/2003

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Special Events: Last Call

Here it is -- all the events
we could cram into one weekend!


Opening Digital Scavenger Hunt / Photo Safari (Our FIRST ever!)
7:00 PM Opening Ceremonies
8(ish) PM Opening Reception / Taco Bar / Super-surprise SECRET Event


9:00 AM Digital Scavenger Hunt / Photo Safari (Our SECOND ever!)
2:00 PM The Great Luke Ski in Concert
8:00 PM Babes With Blades -- Live
10:00 PM Filk Concert with Fan GoH Bill Roper
11:00 PM Poseidon's Playground -- Capricon's Pool Party!


9:00 AM Digital Scavenger Hunt / Photo Safari (Our THIRD ... do we sense a pattern here?)
10:00 AM Critter Crunch
2:00 PM Gods vs. Monsters Olympiad
5:00 PM The Match Game
8:30 PM Art Auction
9:00 PM The Dance


9:00 AM Digital Scavenger Hunt / Photo Safari (Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's the fourth one...)
1:00 PM Closing Ceremonies
2(ish) PM Feedback Session

Event Details:

On all four days, we're having our first (2nd, 3rd & 4th?) ever Digital Scavenger Hunt! As soon as reg opens, grab a copy of Goat Droppings and go on photo safari!!! Bring your digital camera (or camcorder...or polaroid) and see how quickly you can capture all the weird and wonderful treasures featured on each day's list. Win BIG POINTS for your team (Gods or Monsters) as well as fame and the admiration of your peers! New lists will be posted in Goat Droppings each of the next three days.


7:00 PM

We have the time-honored and traditional "Opening Ceremonies" followed by (8-ish) the new, first-time-ever FREE Taco Bar and Reception! We can't think of a better way to start a Con -- than by getting to know your GoHs in the presence of diced onions and refried beans. Taco fixin's! Soft drinks! Not to mention a secret Surprise Event. What is it? We're NOT TELLIN'. Gotta show up to find out!!!


2:00 PM

Our stage will once again be graced by the incomparable, the stupendous, The Great Luke Ski! ( Last year, many of you got to hear the world premiere of his song, "Peter Parker" -- recently crowned #1 on Dr. Demento's Funny 25! Who knows what Luke Ski has in store for us this year -- but it's sure to be a blast!

8:00 PM

We are THRILLED to present Babes With Blades ("An Evening of Women Wielding Weapons": Chicago's own all-female stage combat troupe. This is one of those "can't miss" attractions. Be there for this truly unique performance!

10:00 PM

In the Lake Michigan room, our Fan GoH, Bill Roper, is doing a (increasingly rare) concert for our enjoyment. Show up and you'll get quite a treat. Don't know what filk is? It's fun, home-grown music. None of that canned bubblegum, filk is filled with humor, melody and talent. Come see this Pegasus Award-winning songwriter and member of the Filk Hall of Fame! And once you're hooked - head on down to Conference Room 15 for more filk throughout the weekend.

11:00 PM

Poseidon's Playground! (Ages 18 and over, please)
What could be more fun than gathering a collection of monsters, gods, and non-coms at the local hotel swimming pool? Nothin'. Can't beat the pool for fun and frolic... Except maybe...if you bring your own SUPER SOAKERSTM!!! That's right... Line 'em all up and hose your favorite fiend. Drench your dearest deity. See who can maintain supremacy over Atlantis' watery resting place. Join us for assorted games or just to hang out.

And DO NOT MISS the results of our ConCom Auction! One of our brave ConCom members will face the onslaught of Super-Soaker armed fans! Bidding will start when reg opens on Thursday. The highest bidder gets the privilege of deciding which member of our beloved (c'mon, work with us) ConCom gets hosed. Bring your wallets!
Proceeds go to Rainbow Animal Assisted Therapy!

(Super Soaker is a trade mark of Laramie Limited, a subsidiary of Hasbro.)

Saturday is BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!!!

10:00 AM

Critter Crunch: The time-honored tradition. Compete in the 2 lb. and/or 20 lb. class. Demonstrate your mechanical prowess and win points for your respective team. Or just come and watch. Loads of fun for all ages!

NOTE:  The rules have been found, thanks to the long memory of the Cap 21 webmistress! And, here they are (click on the link to view them...)

2:00 PM

Gods vs. Monsters Olympiad -- Epic battles requiring skill and/or strength. Does your true greatness lie in the realm of the Soda Straw Javelin Toss? Or would you and your friends be better suited to the Five-Legged Race? Monsters pitted against Gods... (and even the Non-Combatants are welcome to act as spoilers). Come compete or spectate! Everyone is welcome!!!

3:00 PM

Mock Trial--Orpheus v. Hades: Come see justice be done as modern attorneys argue new angles in this classic case. Unfortunately, due to a continuance granted at the request of the plaintiff, our trial will not be held at this time. Tune in later for more information...

5:00 PM

Match Game--Gods and Monsters style: The 70s game show brought back to life a la Capricon. Come watch our GoHs and selected guests on our celebrity panel. Or join the fun as God and Monster contestants are chosen from the audience.

8:00 PM

Art Auction--A perennial favorite. Come build on the amazing works that have been displayed all weekend at the art show. Even if you don't buy anything, the Art Auction is always entertaining. This year's charity is Rainbow Animal Assisted Therapy!

9:00 PM

Dance: This year we've divided the evening into a variety of musical styles. So, set your watches and come down and dance.

9:00 - 9:30 Big Band, Swing & 50's Rock
9:30 - 9:45 Songs from the cast of Star Trek
9:45 - 10:20 Guilty Pleasures Dance Lessons
10:20 - 11:20 Classic Rock
11:20 - 12:30 80's Dance Music
12:30 - 1:00 90's Dance Music
1:00 - 1:05 Wagnerian Opera
1:05 - 3:00 Techno Industrial


1:00 PM

Closing Ceremonies -- Individual parties...and see who wins the struggle between Gods and Monsters! Not to mention a sneak peak at Capricon XXIV! Then, stick around afterward for our Feedback Session. Tell us what you liked -- and what can be improved. It's your Con, too!