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Last Update: 1/18/2003

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Last year we had lots of Fun and Games in the Capricon Filk Room, and we hope to do so again this year with some monstrously good music brought to you by god-like musicians. Plan to stop by for concerts, themed circles, open filks, and mythological hijinks of all sorts highlighted by a few special guests from around the Midwest.

  • At 10:00 PM in the Lake Michigan room, our Fan GoH, Bill Roper, is doing a (increasingly rare) concert for our enjoyment. Show up and you'll get quite a treat. Don't know what filk is? It's fun, home-grown music. None of that canned bubblegum, filk is filled with humor, melody and talent. Come see this Pegasus Award-winning songwriter and member of the Filk Hall of Fame! And once you're hooked - head on down to Conference Room 15 for more filk throughout the weekend.
  • Becca Allen and Chaz Somdahl are folk musicians from Minneapolis who discovered filk three years ago right here in Chicago at Worldcon in 2000. They loved what they saw, and haven't looked back since, performing their own original compositions and bringing folk standards to filk. (What's the difference you ask? Stop by and we'll explain it to you!). Come hear what has made this duo a breakout sensation at filk cons around the country.
  • Barb Riedel, Carol Flynt and Carol Roper have been performing together as a trio for years and have a children's album in the works. Their harmonies have to be heard to be believed.

Whether you sing, play or listen -- whether God, Monster or Non-Combatant -- we think Capricon's musical programming will leave you tapping your toes with a song in your heart.