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Last Update: 1/18/2003

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February 6-9, 2003

Sheraton Arlington Park
3400 West Euclid Ave.
Arlington Heights, IL 60005

Please, make your hotel reservation RIGHT NOW!
WORDS OF WISDOM from Guido have been writ large upon the Hotel Info page and must be heeded!

The PRINTABLE registration form is now available (Registration Page).

Special Volunteer Opportunities available... Read more!


Author GOH - Tim Powers
Fan GOH - Bill Roper
Artist GOH - Amy K. Brown

Welcome to Capricon XXIII (23 for the Roman-ically challenged), FOUR days stuffed with stuff and other stuff. For those of you who have been to Cap before, all your old favorites are back and better than ever: Art Show, ConSuite (in a more convenient location!), Parties, Programming, Gaming, Dealers, Films, Anime -- everything jam-packed for your enjoyment. Check out their individual pages to see what they have in store for you. If you have a specific question, go to the Departments page and click on the link by the department to send an email.

While the tried and true favorites are great, each Capricon is unique due to its theme and the incredible people who volunteer to make it happen each year. For Capricon XXIII we have added a youth programming track for ages 4 to 12. (Remember, that kids-in-tow must always have adults with them, even in youth programming. If you aren't willing to attend with your children, purchase memberships for them). "Gods and Monsters" will be everywhere -- with mythology tracks for Programming, Movies and Anime, as well as a host of special events aimed at the supernatural being inside all of us. We have set up this long weekend as an arena to determine once and for all who reigns supreme: Gods or Monsters. To that end we have set up a number of competitions and the side with the most points at the end of the weekend will be able to crow over their obvious supremacy -- for all eternity if they want. Go to Special Events to see what we have in store for you so you can formulate strategy, lay in supplies, etc.

Don't forget THURSDAY night -- Opening Ceremonies, a FREE Taco Bar Reception, and a SURPRISE Special Event. You don't want to miss it, believe us.


At 10:00 PM in the Lake Michigan room, our Fan GoH, Bill Roper, is doing a (increasingly rare) concert for our enjoyment. Show up and you'll get quite a treat. Don't know what filk is? It's fun, home-grown music. None of that canned bubblegum, filk is filled with humor, melody and talent. Come see this Pegasus Award-winning songwriter and member of the Filk Hall of Fame! And once you're hooked - head on down to Conference Room 15 for more filk throughout the weekend.

It will be Gods versus Monsters right down the line. So, choose carefully -- are you a God or a Monster? And if you can't decide we will be more than happy to take your money twice and give you a dual identity! If you don't want to be bugged to participate, just register as a Non-Combatant and turn the convention into a spectator sport.

Just remember, if you leave the selection blank you are leaving the choice up to us -- BWAHAHAHAHA!

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