Settlers of Catan NACC Qualifier

Capricon 31 will be hosting a North American Catan Championship(NACC) qualifier. The NACC qualifier will run Saturday starting at 10 AM. A maximum of 32 players will be seated.

Players will compete on Saturday by playing 4 games of Settlers of Catan.i The players are then ranked and the top 15 players will play one a semi - final game, with the top 4 playing a final round to determine the winner. The winner will be sponsored, by Capricon and Mayfair Games, to compete in the NACC at GenCon 2011.

The prize for the winner includes travel, room(based on double occupancy), badge, and seat in the NACC competition at GenCon 2011 in Indianapolis. The winner of the NACC is invited, paid for by Mayfair Games, to play in the World Wide Catan Championship in 2012 for the World title.

Players must be at least 18 years of age, and expect to play the entire tournament. Cost for the event is the purchase of a badge for admittance to Capricon 31

For more info, contact: Marinda Darnell,