Capricon Café — The Caffeination Station

The end has come - Escape to the Caffeination Station located in River A&B and fuel up!

Our café offers a selection of flavored coffees, espresso, mocha, tea, hot chocolate, and baked goods to help you on your way. In addition you can escape through music during our live concerts, and to other realms as many of our authors share their works.

* Opening Day Open Mic! *

We'll be featuring an Open Mic on Thursday from 5:15 - 7 pm. 10-minute slots will be available on a first-come, first-served basis, with the sign up sheet located at the control table (to the right of our stage). Music (accompanied or a cappella), spoken pieces, comedy, etc. If you have any questions please contact

2011 Hours:
Thursday 5-7
Friday 10-7
Saturday 10-5:30
Sunday 11-2

Xap Esler, Capricon Cafe