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Last Update: 1/18/2003

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3:00 pm

Go On Photo Safari!!! Get the jump on everyone with the first day of our first ever Digital Scavenger Hunt. Bring your digital camera (or camcorder...or polaroid) and see how quickly you can capture all the weird and wonderful treasures featured on each day’s list. Win BIG POINTS for your team (Gods or Monsters) as well as fame and the admiration of your peers! Get a new list of stuff to scavenge daily in Goat Droppings!!

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9:00 am

Get the next list for Friday's Digital Scavenger Hunt!

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2:00 pm

1st Annual Euchre Tournament

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11:00 pm (ages 18+ only please!)

One of our brave ConCom members will face the onslaught of Super-Soaker armed fans! Bid on the privilege of deciding which one - proceeds go to our charity Rainbow Animal Assisted Therapy. The point will go the highest bidder.

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12:00 am

1.5st Annual Euchre Tournament (Yep, we mean midnight euchre!)

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9:00 am

Digital Scavenger Hunt #3! All new stuff to scavenge!

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10:00 am

Critter Crunch: The time-honored tradition. Compete in the 2 lb. and/or 20 lb. class. Demonstrate your mechanical prowess and win points for your respective team. Or just come and watch. Loads of fun for all ages!

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11:00 am - 4:00 pm

Blood Drive: Show your God-like benevolence or your Monstrously generous nature by donating desperately needed blood to LifeSource. We are delighted to have LifeSource return to Capricon, and hope that you will spend a little time to give a pint on Saturday, 11am-4pm in the Lake Superior Room.

Give till it hurts - we might give back! About our Blood Drive

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5:00 pm

Match Game-Gods and Monsters style: The 70s game show brought back to life a la Capricon. Come watch our GoHs and selected guests on our celebrity panel. Or join the fun as God and Monster contestants are chosen from the audience.

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8:00 pm

Art Auction - The Capricon tradition continues! Come see your Fan GoH, Bill Roper, in a tux as he helps our talented crew of auctioneers part you from your hard earned cash, which in turn gets you great art, and your team of Gods or Monsters points!

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9:00 am

Last chance at the Photo Safari!

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The winners of all of the party awards.

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In addition we will be randomly counting attendance at panels.
Additional contest will be announced at the convention.