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Could be the new official PARTY NIGHT!  With just a little help from you Saturday could take over from Friday as the PARTY NIGHT. Book now and secure your place in this PARTY NIGHT COUP.

If the room has been taken then the name of the
party will be listed.  This will let you know who your
neighbors will be.  If the room has not been taken
then the list will indicate what type of room it is.

If you don't see a room you like on Saturday, check
out the Thursday and Friday party pages.

King - 1 King size bed.
Parlor - No Bed

12th Floor



Name of Party

1239.... Speculation Press
1235 King
1234 Zerps in 2010
1233 King
1232 Private Room
1231 General Technics
1230 Private Room
1227 Mardi Gras Party
1226 Private Room
1225 Mardi Gras Party
1222 Gateway
1220 King
1219 King
1218 King
1217 King
1216 Lunatic Caf�
1215 Nightbreed
1214 Lunatic Caf�
1211 Nightbreed
1210 Lunatic Caf�
1209 Private Room
1208 Chicago Force
1205 Private Room
1204 Chicago Force
1203 King
1202 King
1201 King
1200 King




13th Floor - Penthouse



Name of Party
P36.... King
P24 B5 Video Room
P22 Babylon Park
P20 King
P19 King
P18 King
P17 King
P16 Fshad's
P15 King
P14 Fshad's
P13 King
P12 Fshad's
P11 King
P10 Private Room
P9 King
P8 King
P7 King
P6 King
P5 King
P4 King
P3 King
P2 King
P1 King


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