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Party Liaison

Trying to decide what to do for the end of the world?
Last year our
parties were world renowned (ok at least con renowned)
We will have two floors dedicated to the fun and
enjoyment of those who want to go out with a bang.

Again this year we will be having a contest for the best
parties.  Categories are:
- Best End of the World Blast
- Best Rations
- Best Radioactive Drink (Alcoholic )
- Best Non-Radioactive Drink (Non-Alcoholic )

Winners will be voted on by the attendees of the parties. The winner of The Best End of the World Blast will win a free room night!

Last Years Winners
Try and see if you can unseat the champions!
- Heaven and Hell - Best Alcoholic Drink
- Pre-Y2K - Best Non-Alcoholic Drink (go figure)
- Tor Books - Best Food
- MSFFA - Best Party

Get A Room!
Go have a look at the hotel maps for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights and pick the room you want for your party.  Send an e-mail  with your choice of party night and room as well as your name, the name of your organization, and your contact information.

If you, your organization, or party have a web site let us know.  We will link your listing on our pages to your site.

Any party issues or questions not addressed by this site can be e-mailed to


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