Welcome to Filk at Capricon as we go Rockin’ in the Outer Realms! We plan to bring you music from all over the known universe, featuring musicians in our own corner of the Milky Way as well as travelers from strange and wonderful worlds far away.

What is Filk, you ask? Simply put, filk is the music of science fiction & fantasy fandom. Much of it is based on books, TV series, films, and other media sources of stories. Some of it is not. Some filk is hilariously comic, some is deadly serious. Some of it parodies well-known melodies, and a good chunk of it is entirely original. There are solo performers, duos, trios, and full bands. Filk came out of the folk music movement (“filk” is actually “folk” with a typo that stuck) but has expanded to every style of music from folk to pop to rap to blues to rock to reggae to opera to world music styles, and you might even find occasional spoken word pieces. There are casual filk circles each night where every voice and instrument is welcome to share something, often going until the wee hours of the morning. Our main programming features panels and concerts in the Capricon Café during the day, and major concerts on the Main Stage on Friday and Saturday evenings.  


Friday, 1pm: From Circle to Stage
What are conventions looking for in stage performers that is different from performing in a casual music circle? 

Saturday, 1pm: Musician Seeks Muse: Apply Within
From where does inspiration flow?  What personal habits make songwriting easier – or harder?  What resources are out there to support musical endeavors of all kinds?


Friday, 9pm: Bardic Style (so everyone knows when it’s their turn)
Saturday, 9pm: Polite Midwestern Chaos (no particular order but facilitated for fairness)
Sunday, 11am: Just Jam (casual facilitated jam of easy songs to play/sing along with)


Each of these musicians is traveling to and appearing at Capricon on their own dime, and Capricon is incredibly pleased to have folks from all corners of the universe coming to make incredible music!  Please check out their websites, social media pages, and merchandise links.

Friday, 2pm

Cathy McManamon

Friday, 3pm

Andrea Hawkins-Kamper
We are happy to introduce our Restless Nomad of Music!

Friday, 4pm

Amy Christensen

Friday, 5pm

Luke Bretscher

Friday, 6pm

The Courtesan and The Cabin Boy

Friday, 7:30pm – Main Stage

The Klingon Pop Warrior

Saturday, 2pm

Jason Neerenberg

Saturday, 3pm

Cat Greenberg

Saturday, 4pm

Court and Country

Saturday, 5pm


Saturday, 7pm – Main Stage

Mark Bernstein
Mark has been entertaining folks for years with his love of many musical styles, his brilliant wit, and his richly warm and friendly voice. We never know what he’ll sing next or whether we’ll be mellow, melancholy, or laughing our socks off!

Saturday, 8pm – Main Stage

Random Fractions/Rune Songs

Saturday, 9pm – Virtual

Cheshire Moon