Welcome to Filk at Capricon as we go Rockin’ in the Outer Realms! We plan to bring you music from all over the known universe, featuring musicians in our own corner of the Milky Way as well as travelers from strange and wonderful worlds far away.

What is Filk, you ask? Simply put, filk is the music of science fiction & fantasy fandom. Much of it is based on books, TV series, films, and other media sources of stories. Some of it is not. Some filk is hilariously comic, some is deadly serious. Some of it parodies well-known melodies, and a good chunk of it is entirely original. There are solo performers, duos, trios, and full bands. Filk came out of the folk music movement (“filk” is actually “folk” with a typo that stuck), but has expanded to every style of music from folk to pop to rap to blues to rock to reggae to opera to world music styles, and you might even find occasional spoken word pieces. There are casual filk circles each night where every voice and instrument is welcome to share something, often going until the wee hours of the morning. Our main programming features more formal concerts in the Capricon Cafe and on the Main Stage.

We are collecting a list of interested performers for the concert slots over mainly Friday and Saturday. Please send a brief email to with your contact info, a brief description of what you play and/or a website or other social media page if you have one, and any limitations you might have on days/times or other conflicts during the con. You will get a prompt acknowledgement that we received your info, and as soon as we figure out what our new hotel space and time slots look like for the Cafe and for the Main Stage, we’ll be in touch! If you know of a fantastic performer you’d like to recommend for Rockin’ in the Outer Realms, we’d love to get that, too.

Let’s Rock!