Down in the Tropics of Capricon, we’ve got a license to chill and have planned lots of musical programming for you to enjoy in the tropical warmth of our hotel.

Concerts! There will be concerts lined up on Friday and Saturday afternoon in the Capricon Café. There’s no place better to sit back, unwind, and listen to music. And on Sunday morning, join us there for our annual Toast and Jam session, with real toast, real jam, and a real musical jam where you can stretch your musical muscles out after a long weekend of fun.

On Friday evening on the Main Stage, you’ll be hearing from the Klingon Pop Warrior, who will be singing a variety of popular songs in the original Klingon. (My research indicates that the Klingon home planet is somewhere in the Zodiacal constellation of Leo, making this entirely appropriate for the tropics.) After that, stay around for the return of SpaceTime Theater, with their brand of science-fiction improvisational comedy. With improv, it’s never the same show twice, so if you don’t catch it, you’ve missed it!

On Saturday night on the Main Stage, we’ll start out with a fresh concert from Court and Country, who have lately been working on their new CD. They’ll be followed by the return of the Thieving Magpies (which will include at least Debbie Gates, Jen Midkiff, Amy McNally, and Bill Roper) here as part of their “Stealing Off to the Tropics” tour. They’ll be leaning heavily on the music of Jimmy Buffett, because what could be better than chilling out like a Parrothead in the tropics?

And after the concerts finish on the Main Stage on Friday and Saturday nights, we’ll have open filking, where everyone has a chance to get out their instruments and their voices and come join in singing in the circle.

It’s a weekend full of music and fun! We’ll look forward to seeing you!