Gingerbread Pudding Café

Strange hungers arising? In our cafe you can find a variety of flavored coffees, espresso, mocha, tea, hot chocolate, and yummy baked goods fit to satisfy all your (un)earthly cravings. Stay to relax, chat, listen to authors and musicians, and maybe solve a puzzle or scope out your next sighting. 
We’re also introducing our Café Creativity Series, offering special presentations, demonstrations, and discussions right here in our cozy corner! Please join our inaugural Bard, Alexander James Adams, as he shares his musical, magical, and inspiring perspective on various topics, including:
Bard’s Eye View – Hear how songwriters & storytellers look at the world to capture ideas, events, and people to put into songs. (Thursday 2/14, 6:30pm) 
Music & Magic – Alexander James Adams & Cathy McManamon discuss the energetics of music creation, collaboration, and performance. (Friday 2/15, 1.00 pm) 
Kitchen Witchery – Wishing for a little extra something to make the day run smoother?  Go to the kitchen.  Common-day cooking herbs have essential aromatic powers that when combined together properly, focus your mind so that whatever awaits you, you feel ready to meet it head on.  Find out how to make herbal talismans and take home a list of herbs and their properties to become the master of your life’s full menu! (Saturday 2/16 4.00 pm)
Don’t forget Toast and Jam on Sunday! See what happens when the many musicians of Capricon get together just to have fun! They will jam until the doors close, while our café servers provide toast and other tasty treats until supplies run out.

Location: River C
Thursday   6:00pm-8:00pm (limited service)
Friday     9:30am–6:00pm
Saturday   9:30am–6:00pm
Sunday     9:30am-2:00pm