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Welcome to Capricon

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Capricon 44: the Endurance of Stars

No matter where they’re from, what media/genre they appear in, or where their journey takes them, protagonists of our favorite stories often look up to the night sky, just as we do ourselves. The stars provide hope, guidance, and a sense of continuity, for all that they wheel and spin around us and constellations slowly creep into new configurations. Stars give an anchor to orbits, provide essential guides to navigators, and bring light and life to the universe.

Stars endure in ways that we do not – and even long-dead stars endure in us. As Delenn said on Babylon 5: “We are starstuff. We are the universe made manifest, trying to figure itself out.”

This year, we celebrate The Endurance of Stars, and the ability of the speculative fiction genres to spark our imaginations, allow us to reflect on our journeys and explore ourselves, and to show us a way forward even in the darkest of nights.