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Greetings, Mortals.

The End.

It comes for all of you, eventually. But perhaps, just perhaps, might The End actually be… just another
Beginning? When the curtain finally falls, might there be an intermission? A play to start in another

Is it our destiny to become nothing – blackness and dust? Or perhaps is there something else waiting for
us on the other side?

And what sort of existence might that be?

Will it be a Paradise, where all experience the joy of being in the presence of creation? Or will it be
karmic punishment, for the crimes we have supposedly committed? Will it be a new life and new
existence in some other time or world? Or will we have to contend with the fickle caprices of deities
more powerful than we are? Will there be a Virgil, Gabriel, or Janet to guide us, or will we simply meet
someone WHO TALKS LIKE THIS? Could we find ourselves entering a strange otherworldly tavern
where the bartender gets to decide if we deserve to move forward or not, or will we instead face an
endless celestial bureaucracy, where each supernatural entity we meet answers in turn to a supervising
entity above – all the way up the line.

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice.

For centuries, writers and artists have speculated on What Comes After; some with smug anticipation,
others in abject terror; with abated breath or baited curiosity. Often with a degree of bald humor –
gallows, or otherwise. Mythologies and entire religious experiences have been built around these themes,
as have stories, novels, poems, plays, movies, and television shows. The Afterlife has become not only a
subject for contemplation, but also for entertainment, social commentary, and even adventure. At
Capricon 43, we will embrace it all.

At Capricon 43, Death is where the story begins.

It could be Heaven, it could be Hell, or it could just be Ginungagap.