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Put simply, Phandemonium is the parent corporation that gives you Capricon, and if you have a membership for this year’s Capricon, then you are a member of Phandemonium. Each year, the Phandemonium Board of Directors oversees functions associated with the convention and strives to promote Science Fiction as a genre and to support the Chicagoland Fannish Community. The Board of Directors chooses the chairperson for the upcoming convention, looks after the continuing needs of the convention, and runs events outside of the convention.

We host various events on a bimonthly basis including a Book Club, a Euchre Club, and the Ides of Phandemonium.

Phandemonium is always looking for those in our membership who want to become more involved, with either the Convention Committee for each year’s convention or the Phandemonium Board.

If you are interested in any of the events, have ideas, or have questions, you can follow the link below to Goat Droppings; the Official Blog for Capricon and Phandemonium.

Link to Goat Droppings

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