Welcome to the Refreshment and Revelry division of Capricon 35.

We Request and Recommend that you come up to the party floors to experience the Refreshments and Revelries being provided by the party hosts who will be throwing open their doors all three nights of the convention.

If you would like to throw a party at Capricon:

A limited number of suites are available for $149 per night. There are also regular rooms in on the party floor available for parties at the regular room rate. We can have beds removed from the rooms, but there is a $200 fee, and we need to receive your request before the convention.

If you are planning to throw a party we Request and Require you to make a reservation with the hotel then contact with the following information:
The name(s) of the party host(s).
A phone number for the primary contact.
A contact email for the primary contact (if different from the person emailing).
The reservation number from the hotel.
The name on the hotel reservation.
Whether you would like a suite or regular room, and whether you need any additional sleeping rooms on the party floor.

We cannot guarantee a room on the party floor until you send us all of this information. After getting this we will work with you to get you everything you need to make your party happen.

Please send all requests before December 15, 2015 to allow us time to make arrangements with the hotel. Room assignments will be available shortly thereafter.

Further information will be forthcoming, but this will get you on our list.

We look forward to seeing you,

Aimee Dundon and Jason Betts

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