For those of you who aren’t familiar with filk, it’s the music of science fiction fandom and runs the gamut of genres and moods, from folk to rock to rap, from the ridiculously silly to the deadly serious. And we have plenty of filk music here at Capricon.

At the R & R café on Friday and Saturday afternoons, we have an eclectic slate of concerts in a wonderful coffeehouse atmosphere. And on Sunday morning, we have the return of Toast & Jam, where musicians of all stripes gather together to jam in an unstructured environment. Toast and jam will be provided along with a variety of coffees and teas, making it an awesome place to destress on a Sunday morning after a late night of parties on Saturday.

Outside the café, we’ve got plenty of music in the evening. On Friday night, right after the SpaceTime Theater comedy improv show, you’ll find Fandom’s Fastest Filker, Tom Smith, returning to the Capricon stage after an absence of several years. If you’ve heard Tom before, you know why you want to hear him again. If you haven’t heard Tom before, trust us when we tell you that he is really, really funny.

On Saturday night, we take a more serious turn, starting with Cheshire Moon, the musical duo of Eric Coleman and Lizzie Crowe, who have been busily populating a fantasy universe with fascinating people and critters. Lots of critters. No, seriously, lots of critters. And seriously, they sound really good together.

Next, you’ll find our Music Guest of Honor, Alexander James Adams, who we are delighted to welcome to Capricon for the first time. The moment that we discovered that Alec had moved to the Midwest, we grabbed our Chair and said, “Please bring him here!” Alec is a tremendous fiddle player and singer who has written an immense catalog of fantasy and Celtic-based original music, some of which you’ll be able to hear at this concert, much of which is available on a variety of CDs.

(By the way, many of our performers have CDs available and they will never be insulted if you actually want to buy one from them and take the music home with you. In fact, they encourage this and will, no doubt, be happy to sign them for you.)

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