A Word From The Chair

Research & Robots; Raccoon Dogs & Ray-guns; Remote Controls & Raptors; Roentgen Rays & Radium; Racy & Reserved; Revealing & Reveiling

Our theme for this year is “R&R” and what it means to you, so I will tell you some of the things it means to me.

It means all the things above and so much more. It means the Rocket Rangers of the 1950’s & the Retro Revelations of the 2010’s, the Repellent Ruins of H.P. Lovecraft & the Rebellious Rogues of Matt Forbeck and the Rubenesque Representations of ‘Astounding Tales’ & the Radical Reproductions of action figures. To me R&R is ALL forms of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and Speculative Fiction. It is paintings, novels, short stories, poems, movies, models, anime, and music. It is wonder, fear, awe, and amazement. It is the Colour of Magic, the Sound of Thunder, the Smell of Ozone, the Taste of Adventure, and the Feeling of Joy.

I hope to present to you things which you have never seen, songs you have never heard, and thoughts you have never known. I want to introduce you to old friends you have never met, beliefs you never believed, and wonders you have never considered. I hope for you to encounter pasts that never were, presents that are barely hidden, and futures you long to be.

Please join us in our Rambunctious, Raucous, and Radiant Revels. We are waiting for you.

John “Shadowcat” Ickes
Capricon 35

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