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Capricon is run for fans by fans. Without the efforts of the Convention Committee and a horde of helpful fans, there wouldn’t be a Capricon. If you have a little time you can help keep Capricon going. All you need is a willingness to help out. We can find something you can do in the time you have available.

If you would like to do a little more and volunteer 12 hours, you can have the cost of your badge reimbursed. The hours for some tasks count double toward reimbursement.

Adult Teen Lounge Lead

Support the Teen Lead, help with planning and operation of the Teen lounge. Teen Lounge Second would also act as a calming presence in the lounge if things get too rowdy. Applicants must be over 21 years old.

Load in

People are needed to unload things from the storage pods in the parking lot and get it to the correct room in the hotel. Heavy lifting may be required This job is done Wednesday evening and Thursday morning and you earn double credit for hours towards badge reimbursement.

Door Dragon

Sentinels are needed at the door to the Art show, Dealers Room, and Con Suite. All you need to do is sit by the door and check that people have badges. Assignments are as short as an hour.

Con Suite

People are needed to watch the door, refill soda bins, and keep the room tidy.

Overnight gopher

Spends the night in the cafe to secure the location. This is a sleeping in the room position

Stairwell gopher

We will be needing two gophers to watch the stairwells to the 17th floor. THIS WILL BE AN OBSERVE AND REPORT POSITION ONLY. This will earn two for one hours because it will require gophers to dedicate an entire evening to watching their stairwell during the parties.

Pizza Pick up

Thursday night position. Person with vehicle needed to pick up several pizzas for the Midwinter Faire.

Load out

People are needed to pack up materials and load them into storage pods in the parking lot. Heavy lifting may be required. We will need you after closing ceremonies, you earn double credit for hours towards badge reimbursement.

If you know your schedule and want to help at particular times, or merely want to let us know you are willing to help and find out when you can be of the most use, email

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