Greetings Time Travelers!

We hope you enjoy your stay in the early 21st century.  When your time travel device comes to a complete stop, please adjust your chronometer to the local time and date.

We will be welcoming some of the best party hosts in time and space to Capricon, as those of you in the future well know.  Events will be scheduled from February 6-8, 2014. Most convention guests will be on premises for four days and will choose to experience the convention in local chronological order. Others may visit parties at as many points in time, and in whatever order they wish.  Hosts will be (or already have) thrown parties for all three nights of the convention.

We encourage party hosts to bring the flavors, sights and sounds of their home era.  Please be advised that the convention will be observing the local laws regarding alcohol.

There will be awards for parties, and we will appreciate it if travelers from the future do not unduly influence voting by telling party attendees who won in advance.

If you plan to throw a party, or know that you did, please contact to request more information.  I’m sure we will have gotten back to you in a timely fashion.

We look forward to meeting you all over again,

Aimee Dundon,
Parties Liaison, Capricon 34

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