Would you like to lend a hand in making Capricon happen? Are you interested in finding out what happens behind the scenes at a con?

The first step in doing either is simple, volunteer to be a gopher. There are many different jobs that need to be done from the Wednesday before Capricon starts all the way through to Sunday evening after closing ceremonies. Helping out can be quick and easy. If you have an hour, we would love to have you swing by {What is the proper place?} and give us a hand.

For your hard work we have many ways to say thank you. They include:

  • Gopher Exclusive Swag — Appreciation gifts you get when you register  (usually books for you to choose from).
  • The Grand Gopher Banquet — We usually have a good spread with a couple of meat and a couple of pasta courses.
  • The Gopher Hole — Crash space provided on a first come first serve basis. Requires a minimum of two (2) hours worked per day.
  • Badge reimbursement! Work 12 hours and we will refund the price of your badge

We also have a list of special positions listed on our Help Wanted page.

For more information, please contact us at

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