Dealers Room

We has The Precious. Yes, we do. However, for a small fee we are sure that The Precious can be yours.

If you are interested in providing The Precious in the Capricon 34 Dealers Room, we will be in the same location in the hotel.

The tables are 6′ by 30″. Requests will be handled as soon as I get them. If necessary, I will start a wait list.

You can find an request form by following this link; Capricon 34 Dealers Room Table Request.

Please fill out the form and mail it to

Gretchen Roper
725 Citadel Ct.
Des Plaines, IL 60016

Don’t give it to me at a con, I’m afraid I’ll lose it. If you include an e-mail address, I’ll send
confirmation that way. If not, you’ll get a postcard.

If you are accepted as a dealer and cancel before the convention, you will receive a refund if
we can sell your space to somebody else. If you cancel less than two weeks before the convention the
refund will be processed after the Treasurer closes the convention and has the time and attention for it.

Subletting space and direct transfers of tables are possible, but must be cleared by me.

I will do my best to fill special requests as to location and proximity to other dealers, but I’m
not making promises.

If you have questions, you can call me at 847-827-7669 or e-mail me at

Looking forward to seeing you,

Gretchen H. Roper
Dealers’ Room Coordinator
Capricon 34




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