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The Art Show is under new management this year, and as such, some policies may have changed with the intent of creating a rejuvenated community atmosphere. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the policy changes, please feel free to email the new lead at

General Art Show Policies

The Art Show is run primarily as a written auction. Artists should fill out all paperwork prior to the convention if at all possible. Bid sheets should be attached / in close proximity to the piece, and attendees may bid on the work in writing on these sheets during Art Show hours

All first bids on a piece must be at or above the minimum bid on the control sheets; subsequent bids must be greater than previous bids. Should any piece receive three or more qualifying bids, that piece will go to the Live Art Auction on Saturday night, where the highest ‘paper bid’ may or may not be beaten by a ‘live bid.’ Should any piece receive fewer than three bids, the highest bid on that piece prior to close of the Art Show on Saturday will win.

Pickup of and payment for pieces won in the Art Show will be on Sunday – we may also open up for payment late on Saturday, although this will depend on staffing. All bids are binding, and all sales are final.

Print Shop

In contrast to the main Art Show, art in the Print Shop is available for immediate purchase and removal, and will be priced at a flat rate (as in, there is no ‘bidding’).


Photography of work on display in the Art Show &/or Print Shop is strictly prohibited, unless both the artist and the art show lead are present and have given their consent.

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