The Pre-Reg deadline has passed
At the Door Memberships are $40

However...the Hilton has informed us that they are booked full. 
Please still call the Hilton directly to check if rooms have become available.
If they have not, they will direct you to our overflow hotel...
(Please see the Hotel Information page for updates)

So you want to throw a room party...
(We prefer to call them "Hospitality Rooms")
ALL Parties must be pre-registered with the convention...Period.
Why?  Because we say so...
For more information go to the Party Info page

Note from the Ruthless Dictators of Capricon XIX:

As you may have heard or guessed, the theme of this year's Capricon is
"Villains."  If you've read, or written, the rest of the sentence that
begins "If I were an evil overlord..." now's your chance to live that
dream!  Or to be whatever kind of villain strikes your fancy or your evil
streak.  So dust off that Darth Vader costume, practice your best cackle,
and  get ready for a weekend filled with program items, films and events
that celebrate the best of the bad.  From Emperor Ming to Lex Luthor to El
Seed, we're about to turn the Arlington Park Hilton into a wretched hive of
scum and villainy.  And you can help!  Bring us your most insidious
inspirations, and participate in the grandest conspiracy in fannish history
- the reinvention of Capricon!

-Tracy Lunquist and David McCarty, co-chairs
Capricon XIX

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