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Freedom to Read Foundation selected as Capricon 38 Charity

Capricon 38 is pleased to announce that we will be supporting the work of the Freedom to Read Foundation as this year’s charity.

The Freedom to Read Foundation (FTRF) is a non-profit legal and educational organization that protects and defends the First Amendment to the Constitution and supports the right of libraries to collect – and individuals to access – information. Incorporated in 1969, FTRF has participated in key litigation efforts, fighting all the way to the Supreme Court to stand up to internet censorship and government surveillance. It also encourages various public events, such as support of the American Library Association’s annual Banned Books Week.

Banned Books Week, runs this year from Sept. 24- Sept. 30. The theme this year is Words have Power! Find out which books made the Top Ten Most Challenged Books of 2016 and explore Top Ten talking points, infographics and social media art on the Top Ten resource page (

Every year books are challenged or banned from libraries across the country and around the world. Many of those titles are science fiction and fantasy classics such as Brave New World by Aldous Huxley and Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. More recent challenged materials include the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. This series was the number one challenged book from 2000 to 2009.

“The Freedom to Read Foundation does important work supporting access to materials that some find offensive or inappropriate, but many hail as important works of literature that challenge assumptions about society or deal with issues of sexuality or identity,” said Terrence Miltner, Chair of Capricon 38. “I was surprised that so many people would have a problem with the Harry Potter books.”

Capricon 38: Expanding Universes will be held February 15-18, 2018 at the Westin North Shore in Wheeling, IL.

Capricon is a four-day science fiction convention held annually in the Chicagoland area since 1981. We celebrate the best of science fiction and fantasy, with a focus on literature. During the day, members attend programming on a variety of topics: books, movies, television, anime, space exploration, and science. There’s something for everyone including a special children’s track for our young fans and a teen lounge.

Above all, Capricon is about friends, fandom, and fun. The convention committee is made up entirely of volunteers. This year’s convention, Expanding Universes, will explore the infinite loop between the written word, film and televsion, and games and how they all inspire one another.

For more information about the Freedom to Read Foundation, go to

For more information about Capricon, go to


Black book with a red torch - Freedom to Read Foundation logo

Capricious wearing the Capricon 36 Con Com shirt.

Edition of Goat Droppings is Out!

Greetings Members of Phandemonium!

We’re extremely excited about Capricon 37 which is coming up in just a few weeks! We’ve put together an edition of Goat Droppings for you that will give you a preview of some of the fun we have planned. There’s info on programming, special events, how to volunteer, our annual book and food drives, and information about the Board of Directors. There is also, of course, our Out-of-CONtext quotes for your amusement.

You can download the PDF here:

A really important thing to know – we have EXTENDED PRE-REGISTRATION until tomorrow, January 31, 2017. If you haven’t bought your membership yet, please do so! It will be cheaper than at the door, and the more that are purchased pre-convention, the easier it is for us to plan things.

You can go here to register:

We’ll see you on February 16 at Capricon!

Capricious and the Capricon 37 Convention Committee

Capricious the Goat wearing the Capricon 36 Con Com shirt.

Membership Deadline Extended!

The Chair has spoken! What did he say? Well the Chair the Younger has told the Chair the Elder that the deadline for purchasing your membership has been extended to January 31st!

Hurry and purchase your membership now, before the price goes up at the door.

A display of Capricon 36 Artist Guest of Honor Eric Wilkerson's art in the Art Show

Art Show Updates

Deadlines are coming up for a number of items for the Capricon Art Show. Information for the Emerging Artists Program, Artists’ Challenge, and applications for exhibit and demo table space reservations have been posted on the Capricon website. Capricon 37 Art Show Page

A display of Capricon 36 Artist Guest of Honor Eric Wilkerson's art in the Art Show

Looking for teen, tween, and youngling panelists!

Do you have a young person in your life who you know is coming to Capricon? Given our theme, we want to have actual young people on all sorts of programming, including regular panel discussions. If you have a young person who might be interested, please contact

We’re putting together our schedule now, and need to start identifying panelists. Thanks.

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Gift certificates now available!

Winter is here! Gift someone something bright with a membership to Capricon. Gift certificates are available via your online registration account.
Current rates for a 4 day membership are good through December 31st.
Snowman and child enjoying snow
David Abzug being David

Rates, programming, gaming, oh my!

Wow this is a busy time for Capricon! Here are just a few items of importance that have short times left on them!

The rate for a four day membership goes up on November 1st! Head over to the registration website in order to get your membership now.

Gaming wants to hear from you! What games would you like to see at Capricon this year? Take the survey at

Are you interested in being a game master? Please email with your interest.

Would you like to be on programing this year? Have panel ideas? Fill out the programming participant survey today! Survey closes October 22nd. We would love for teens, tweens, and young adults to participate as well!

In order to reach the program participant survey, you must log into your Capricon account. Once there, you will see a link for the survey.

If you just wish to submit an idea for programming, the link seen before logging in titled “Submit a Program Panel Idea” is the route to take.