Lil Sams – Fan Guest of Honor

Hailing from the Tropics, Lillian began her Terran existence on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. Her addiction to science fiction was nurtured at a very early age under the mentorship of her hard science fiction aficionado father, with whom she delighted watching the first run of TOS in the latter half of the 1960’s. A self-avowed Trekkie from then on, it came as no surprise when she later met and married her soulmate Andy at a Star Trek convention.

Happy to be enveloped by the Fandom, she went on to serve as one of the con-chairs for the Indianapolis based fan-run convention Starbase Indy for 12 years. By day, her mundane alter ego has built a career in science as well as a researcher in Oncology. She continues to express her love for the science fiction universe as the very proud Captain of the UBS Indycent, the Indianapolis chapter of Barfleet for the past 15 years. Often described as a drinking club with a sci-fi problem, Barfleet has become a well-known provider of a unique brand of hospitality at Capricon and other fan-run conventions. Still hoping this isn’t all a glitch in the Matrix, Lillian is honored to be the 2020 Fan GoH and is looking forward to an unparalleled weekend in the Tropics of Capricon.