Cacophonie (they/them/siya) is a nerdy ex-classical Pilipinx percussionist who likes to hit things, strum things, and, in general, make noise.

Earning multiple music degrees from Peabody Institute and a Doctor of Musical Arts from Michigan State University, Cacophonie uses their  extensive knowledge of music to create a wonderful mix of classical and folk/singer-songwriter styles. When not in the middle of a bizarre dystopian hellscape, Cacophonie drums with Luke’s Right Hand Band in Hello Earth’s “Wars Outdoors: the Empire Strikes Back” and the Seattle Video Game Orchestra. They are a member of the Social Justice Bards, a community of musicians, story tellers, and creatives that regularly stream and collaborate online and IRL. Catch Cacophonie streaming live music on Follow them on all social medias @Dr_Cacophonie.