Warning: The AI running Gaming has been Fragged by Hackers trying to start a revolution. They are believed to be from carcassonne, but may be Settlers of Catan. There have also been reports of a talisman controlled by the Illuminati opening a portal to a realm of Dungeons & Dragons. We have sent in the Battletechs, and possible Leviathans to crush the Munchkin: ZomBiePocalyPse, but this may be a long Munchkin Quest, as Munchkin Bites can make you wonder: Are You a WereWolF? The ogre has stopped by Red Dragon Inn to Kill Dr. lucky, but if the stars are right, at Chez Freak, nanuk will s.P.a.n.c. the ninja Burger of castellan in a strange synergy. The Computer is your friend Citizens, and will be available 24 hours from the end of the MidWinter Faire until the Closing Ceremonies. There will also be games available to check out and play at the convention.