Capricon XXIV Guests of Honor

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Kimberly Reck

Kimberly Reck Raised in Rockford Illinois, Kimberly Reck established her interest in space, fantasy art and art in general at an early age. She always found time to sketch an idea or look at all the science fiction book covers at the local store. While pursuing an engineering degree in Milwaukee, Kimberly's sketching expanded to painting.

Kimberly found that creating art was the best release from the rigors of math and the unbending nature of engineering. She pursued her study of painting by buying and studying original artwork of others and trying to figure out how they were done. While finishing up her degree, she sold many paintings and also won awards for her art.

After school, Kimberly moved to the Chicago area and started painting more often until selling her art became a primary income. She combined her interest in electronics and computers with her artwork and broke into the field of digital art by working for two video game companies. Kimberly is presently living in Elgin, Illinois in a restored Victorian home searching for another digital artwork gig.

Kimberly's motivation for fantasy art is that "if you can find it on earth, see it easily or it is a part of reality then rendering its image is less a part of my imagination." Over the years, numerous renderings have been painted for friends, business associates and sold to private collectors. She even painted a space scape on a wall for a remodeling project. Please feel free to contact Kimberly for information on individual commissions at

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