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Special Events
Alan & Robin

Celebrate the end of all things with four days of fun!  Special events are activities that only occur once in the course of the weekend, so plan ahead!  For continuous events that take place during some, or all, of the convention check out the Programming page.


Opening Ceremonies
This is the kickoff to any convention. Meet our Guests of Honor, find out about the fun things we have planned for you and, in general, get revved up for the weekend.  You can find pictures of last year's Opening Ceremonies in the International Order of Villains Yearbook.
Free Mashed Potato Bar
Add your favorite toppings to a heapin� scoop o� spuds! Did I mention that it�s FREE?
GoH GoH Party
Mingle with the Guests of Honor
Larry Niven - Pro GoH
Chris Luchini - Science GoH
Joseph "Uncle Vlad" Stockman - Fan GoH


Moebius Theatre
This year, with civilization crumbling around us, skies the color of blood and the dead rising from their graves and causing traffic jams, Moebius will present sparkling entertainment about Armageddon that is sure to have you tapping your toes as you slide down into the Pit

Last year at Capricon they debuted a live radio broadcast version of H.G. Wells� The Island of Doctor Moreau.  Check out rehearsal pictures of The Island of Doctor Moreau at  Moebius Theatre's web site

Sing Along
Join in as we sing around the glowing embers of a dying civilization.  Back by popular demand, Capricon members can join in a traditional folk sing-along. Lead by Alvin McGovern, of the Old Town School of Folk Music.  All you need to bring is your voice and your enthusiasm.


Return of the Critter Crunch
Little robots beating up on each other. Build your own! Look for the rules on the Critter Crunch page.
Blood Drive
End of the world making you feel like you've got nothing left to give?  Roll up your sleeve and we'll find away for you to contribute!  LifeSource will be at CapriconXX From 10am-4pm.  Please give a little of your time and a little of your blood.  When Armageddon comes there will be even more of a demand for blood than there is now.
Art Auction
Chicago boasts the most entertaining Art Auctions around. See for yourself!  Check out pictures from last year's Art Auction in the International Order of Villains Yearbook.
Gong Show
Do you think you're funny?  Strut your stuff at the third annual Capricon Gong Show.  If this sounds like fun, you should read the Gong Show Rules
Hall Masquerade
Design the perfect survival suit, dress in your finest post-apocalyptic rags or wear anything else considered Armageddon appropriate.  If you wish to participate please read the Hall Masquerade Rules.
Survivors and Statistics both, its time to put the Genetic Experiments to bed and hit the dance floor. Join D. J. Greg "Clash" Mate, and dance the night away.


Closing Ceremonies
Watch Survivors vie for the title of �Sole Survivor.� Find out which parties will take the awards for Best Party, Best Drink (alcohol and non-alcohol) and Best Food.

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