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Hotel Rates

Rate Update!
The Hilton has extended our convention rate an extra night. This year you can stay Sunday night for the same rate as the rest of the weekend.  Stay over 'till Monday and recover from the fun!


NEW! Lower Rate!
The best hotel room value in FANDOM!
Hospitality Parlors
These rooms are huge, and are GREAT for parties!
You must have a sleeping room to rent a parlor, they have no beds whatsoever.
Parlors may be rented for a single night, which we
...encourage, so that more people can throw parties.
Hospitality Floors
As was done last year, the two top floors (12 & 13) are "Hospitality floors".
BIG CHANGE - UNlike last year, if you want a room on those floors, will reserve it through the Party Liaison, NOT the Hotel!!!
...You will get a confirmation number, and you will check in and pay like
...everyone else, but the RESERVATION must be made through the Con.
Everyone Else
All non-party rooms same drill as last year, except book earlier this time.
Will ya?
Fine Print
CapriconXX convention rates available for the room nights of  January 27, 28, 29 and 30, 2000.  Mention CapriconXX to get the convention rate.
Reserve by December 15, 1999.

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Arlington Park Hilton Conference Center

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