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The following is a list of activities that will be taking place across the entire weekend.  For a list of one-time events, look at  the Special Events page.

Themed Programming
Four days of panels about comets, Y2K, nuclear annihilation, and other fun ways for the world to end.  Check out some of the Themed Programming topics you can look forward to discussing at CapriconXX.

Dealers Room
Everything you never knew you wanted, and more!  If you are a dealer and would like space in our dealers room write to

Con Suite
Practice post-Armageddon survival skills, find out if you can live on chips and soda.

Three evenings of potentially award winning parties. Go to the Party pages to plan your evenings.  Be sure to visit them all and vote for your favorite!
Please contact the Party Liaison if you would like to throw a party at CapriconXX.

Film Room
We will be presenting a special selection of Armageddon-themed Films including three nights of Midnight Meteor Madness!  See the world die again and again and again.....

Anime Room
See the Japanese destroy the world again and again and again in over 55 hours of Anime

Art Show
Chicago is the home of some great artistic talent and you can take home some of your own.   Decorate your cubicle!
Are you an artist?  If so we'd like to see your work.  Follow this link to the Art Show  pages to find out how to display your art at CapriconXX.

Massage Therapy
Threw your back out stockpiling cans of Spam? These wonderful people will make all your aches melt away.

Filk Room
Hear all your old favorites and learn some new ones too.

From Rock-Paper-Scissors to L.A.R.P.s. You pick the fun!

See all the friends you haven�t seen since last year, for the final time this millennium!

Any programming issues or questions not addressed by this site can be e-mailed to


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