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Masquerade Rules

Award Categories
Best Costume (selected by panel of judges)
Best Theme ...(Armageddon) Costume
......................(selected by panel of judges)
Best Re-creation (selected by panel of judges)
Best Science Fiction Costume
(selected by panel of judges)
Best Fantasy Costume (selected by panel of judges)
Best Child's Costume (selected by panel of judges)
Director�s Choice (selected by Director)
Best Hall Presentation (selected by Director) 
.....................Clarification - this award will go to the person
.....................who best wears his/her costume, that is -
.....................projects a character, carries him/herself
.....................appropriately, interacts with others, etc.
Finest Workmanship (selected by Director)

1) The costume as a whole must not have been mass manufactured. Parts of a costume may have been mass manufactured, as long as the effect as a whole was created by a single person or group of people. If this person or people are not the same as the person or people wearing the costume, credit must be given to those who designed/created the costume.

2) A person may enter more than one hall costume into the competition as long as he or she has worn each costume sometime during the convention and has filled out an entry form and been photographed by the hall masquerade staff in each costume.

3) CHILD* contestants must be under 17 years old. We prefer ADULT** contestants to be at least a teenager, but ADULT** contestants must be at least old enough not to be cranky at 11:00pm.

The Process
The director of the hall masquerade and her minions will wander the hallways at various times on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. During these hallway wanderings, the director/minion may ask a person wearing a hall costume if he/she/it wishes to participate in the hall masquerade.

If the person wishes to participate, and confirms that the costume adheres to rule one stated above, the director will take a photograph of the person and the person will fill out an entry form at that time.

Since the director can�t possibly be assured of running into everyone who might want to participate, she or a delegate will be available at the information table during the following times:

Thursday 8 � 9pm
Friday 5 � 6pm and 11pm � midnight
Saturday 3 � 4pm and 6 � 7pm and 8 � 8:30pm

During these designated times, persons wearing a hall costume that conforms to rule one above may request to be entered into the competition. They will be photographed and must complete an entry form.



All CHILD entrants should assemble in the main lobby of the hotel at 7:15pm. The children will parade around the lobby and main hallways, and awards will be announced at 7:30pm in the main lobby.

All ADULT contestants should assemble outside the dance at 10:50pm. It is preferable that the contestants be wearing one of the costumes entered in the competition, but this is not absolutely required. At precisely 11pm, The dance will be briefly interrupted and all contestants present will parade across the stage unannounced. The judges will be announced and awards will be given out within a five-to-ten-minute time period, and the dance will resume immediately.

Pictures of the winners and all other participants will be posted on a board after the awards are announced at the dance.

The hall masquerade director retains the right to change any of this if it proves that the grandiose ideas that look so good on paper don't work out in practice.

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