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Gophers on Demand

Hi! Thanks for your interest in volunteering at

Gophers On Demand (or as we like to refer to the department, GoD) is the volunteer staff for CapriconXX. Yes, even Armageddon requires volunteers.  Badgers are the head gophers, we are organizing Gophers On Demand at CapriconXX. We will do our best to make your time as a gopher as enjoyable as possible

When you're on a mission from GoD (sorry, had to use the line...wait, we're not sorry at all), you'll have the chance to work on a lot of different jobs throughout the convention.  Most gopher jobs will require minimal training. Gopher jobs include checking badges at doors, running errands, and filling in with other departments. It isn't always glamorous, but it's always fun and greatly appreciated.  Without gophers, the convention would be a lot less fun for everyone.


  • A room set aside as the gopher hole where gophers report for duty and can hang out when they aren't working.
  • A gopher den where gophers who have worked four hours or more in a day can sleep at night.*
  • Food, books, music, and other things to keep you amused while you are waiting for your next shift.
  • If CapriconXX makes a profit, gophers who have worked 16 hours during the course of the convention will have their membership fee refunded.**

Win a Prize!
We will be awarding a special "Gopher of the Year" prize this year. Part of the award will be based on hours worked, but we will also be looking for the most helpful and fannish gopher. Diligence and esprit d'corps count!

To make the convention fun for everyone, we need you to work your assigned hours and jobs. Whether you are helping out in the Consuite or checking badges at the Art Show, doing your job well is necessary to keep the convention running smoothly.

How Do I Sign Up?
Just fill out the Gopher Questionnaire and let us know what times you expect to be able to work during the convention. Gophers on Demand will have opportunities for you starting at noon on Thursday and running all the way through the close of the convention on Sunday. We look forward to your working with you to make this the best Capricon ever!

Thank You!
Rich "RJ" Johnson (Head Badger & Gopher Dad),
Mike "Gooch" Gucciard,
John "Shadowcat" Ickes, and
Fran "Fran" Juergensmeyer

The Capricon XX Badgers
Gophers On Demand

Those Pesky ***s
*NOTE FOR MINOR GOPHERS: Gophers under 18 who want to stay in the gopher den must bring the following signed and dated note from their parent or guardian. "I, (their name), hereby authorize my minor child/ward, (your name), to sleep in the gopher den at CapriconXX." 

**Everyone attending and working on CapriconXX must buy their membership in advance.  You must work at least two hours on
either Saturday or Sunday to qualify for reimbursement.

Department Volunteers
This year, there are two ways to volunteer at Capricon. You can become a gopher or you can volunteer with a particular department.

Department volunteers work with the same department all convention. They usually get more training in the different jobs related to that department. If you want to work with a specific department, please contact them using the email addresses on our e-mail address page.

Any gopher issues or questions not addressed by this site can be e-mailed to


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