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Art Show


The Art Show is going high tech! CapriconXX is serving as a test site for the data base, hardware, and procedures for Chicon 2000.  Don't be surprised to see us trying out some new gadgets.  You may even be asked to try them yourself.

If you are an artist, and would like to display art in the CapriconXX Art Show, please read the Art Show Rules

Hours of Operation


6:00p-8:00p Art Show Open
4:00p-8:00p Artist Check In

10:00a-8:00p Art Show Open
10:00a-4:00p Artist Check In
4:00p-8:00p Artist Check In, by prior arrangement only.


10:00a Art Show Open
10:00-12:00noon Artist Check In, by prior arrangement only.
8:00p Art Auction
10:00p Art Pick Up Begins


10:00a-1:00p Art Pick Up/Artist Check Out

Volunteers Needed!
We Need Your Help.  It takes many people to run a successful art show. From set-up to pick-up, volunteers are what makes it run smoothly. If you want to be a department volunteer for the Art Show or Print Shop please contact us at

Any programming issues or questions not addressed by this site can be e-mailed to






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