If you are interested in having a party at Capricon
(We prefer to call them "Hospitality Rooms")
ALL Parties must be registered with the convention...Period.
Why?  Because we say so...

Click Here for the Party Info Page


If you are interesting being a dealer at Capricon

Click here for the Dealer's Room Information Page


Moebius will be joining us again this year
To learn more about them go here The Moebius Webpage

Create a Critter to enter in our first Critter Crunch
The Midwest Division Regional for the 2-lb. and 20-lb. categories of
the MileHiCon/Denver Mad Scientists Critter Crunch
Click here to learn what it is and the rules or download the text file critter.txt

Find out what's going on with Gaming at Capricon
Capricon Gaming

Take a look at the Films Schedule
Capricon Films

Join the Filk folk for Concerts, Jam Session & Workshops
Filk GoHs include...
Howard Harrison, Adam English (1/3 of Ookla Mok), Carol Mason & Susan Urban.
CD signing party for Howard Harrison.
Look for them in Conference Room #3 AND at the Gong Show.

Please check back for more programming or...

drop us a note with your ideas!
(We might even ask you to help.)