Guests of Honor

Pro GoH  David Weber

Mr. Weber is one of the premier authors of space opera and military
Science-Fiction.  Notable in his body of work is the very popular "Honor
Harrington" series and several collaborations with Steve White.  He has
hardcover releases slated for both January (Apocalypse Troll) and February
(Worlds of Honor).  As ringleader of the Illuminati at CapriCon, he will
set forth the plan and lead the way to Total World Domina.....
wait, I wasn't supposed to put in that part....
ummm, er, come see David Weber, he's a hell of a guy!

(You bought that, right?  They don't need to kill me, right?  I'm just a lowly typing
minion 4th class, cut me a break!  In three weeks I make henchman and
the wife and kids are looking forward to the pay increase!
Help me out, come see David Weber and don't spill the beans about the
total government overthrow, ok?)

Artist GoH   Todd Cameron Hamilton

Todd and CapriCon go way back.  That much both we and Todd agree on.  Many
of the details are fuzzy, but we know there are a lot of them.  He's an
exceptional artist and we've gotten to see much of the span of his career.
He's been away for a while working on 'blueprints for a practical death
ray' (we think).  Todd has been a card carrying member of the International
Order of Villains (IOV) since he engineered the great "Mountain Dew
Drought" of Capricon XV (ok, so we have no proof of that.  That doesn't mean
anything except that he's an ACCOMPLISHED villain).  Come talk with Todd
and find out how he plans to use his position as the supreme leader of the
Art Show at CHICON 2000 to implement his current mind control techniques.

Fan GoH  Phoenix

Excerpted from the CapriCon Operations Logbook:  "Any gathering of one or
more people containing a Phoenix is an illegal assembly and must be crushed
immediately".  Damn near everyone knows Phoenix.  What most of you don't
know is that he as silently been toppling third world governments since he
was twelve and now controls the third largest force of ninja assassins the
world has ever seen.  The IOV didn't vote him their man of the year in 1994
for nothing.  Don't forget to ask him bout his infamous
"I was sure I had armed the bomb" speech.