Ides of Phandemonium

Just a quick reminder that the zombie goat party is happening tonight at 7 pm at the RAM brewery in wheeling. Right across the stet from the cap hotel. See you there.

Bryan Palaszewski’s Closing Remarks to Cap 31

It appears that Bryan posted comments to Facebook that by my reading he wanted to share with everyone at closing ceremonies. Since that didn’t happen because we had the tired, I hope he doesn’t mind me repeating them here.

Proposed for the closing ceremonies, Capricon 31.

by Bryan Palaszewski

All Hail Capricon 31!!

Greetings from Bryan Palaszewski and the NASA Glenn Research Center.

I am so sad that I could not attend Cap 31. šŸ™ Of course, I wish I could have been there.Ā  The responsibilities of my job required me to be in Florida to assist the Government in searching out for some alleged bad guys.Ā  I believe they have been identified and will be brought to justice.

I know that a great set of activities, films, songs, discussions, deliberations, imbibations, and competitions were greatly enjoyed at the Con.Ā  I could see a tiny sliver of that joy on Facebook and from your e-mails.Ā Ā  Iā€™m so glad that you had a great time. šŸ™‚

Capricon represents some the finest in fandom and the tireless team of the ConCom continues to sustain a fabulous high-quality con for all of us.


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Goat Droppings Goes Recursive

As many of you know, every year at Capricon we produce a daily newsletter with updates to the programming schedule, interviews with the Guests of Honor, the ever popular Out of CONtext notes, and other important Phandemonium and Capricon related news. And we know that sometime you just can’t find a copy of the newsletter at the con, or you’ve lost your copy, or you just weren’t there but don’t want to feel left out.Ā  Well here you go for your reading pleasure. We have the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday editions of Goat Droppings (The Dead Tree version now with less dead trees). We’ll post the Sunday and Post-Con editions just as soon as the flying monkeys finish converting the paper to electrons.

Capricon 31 – Thursday Goat Droppings

Capricon 31 – Friday Goat Droppings

Capricon 31 – Saturday Goat Droppings

Well that was fun…

Thanks to all of you who came out for Capricon this year. It was fun. Hope you can say the same. But… the fun’s not over yet. Beware the Ides of Phandemonium. Come join us for the Ides of Phandemonium Zombie Goat Party at the RAM restaurant in Wheeling, just across from the hotel Tuesday night (2/15) at 7PM. Just because Capricon’s over doesn’t mean Capricon has to end.

Open board meeting

Phandemonium open board meeting going on right now. Come vote for the two new board of directors

Bryan Palaszewski Update

Quick update… Bryan will now be joining us at 11:30 am today in River C, by teleconference to give his lecture “NASA Human Missions to Asteroids and Other Fine Places.”