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Phandemonium Book Club – “Robopocalypse”

At Capricon 33 we’ll be discussing A.I. gone wrong with “Robopocalypse” by Daniel H. Wilson (Author GoH). This book is currently under development as a major motion picture directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Chris Hemsworth, Ben Whishaw, and Anne Hathaway. The exact date, time and location of book club will be listed in the…

New information about Capricon 33

The Capricon 33 web site has been updated with new information regarding the Art Show, Catan tournament, Dealer’s Room, parties, and more. Why not stop by for the latest news? You can also register online. Do it now before rates go up.

Register for Capricon 33 before rates go up!

Sunday, 9/9, is the last day for the Capricon 33 pre-reg rate of $45. After that the rate goes up to $50. In these days when every dollar counts, why pay more for your fun? Don’t wait another minute. Register now. You’ll be glad you did.

$45 rate for Capricon 33 extended

The deadline for the $45 membership rate for Capricon 33 has been extended! You now have until September 9 to register at the lower rate. Click here and register today!

Accepting proposals for Capricon 34

Phandemonium is now accepting proposals for Capricon 34, which will be held in February 2014. Include as much detail as possible of your vision for the convention. This should include ideas for a theme, guests, programming, special activities, and anything else you think would make for an exceptional con. Also include any con-related experience you…

Capricon 33: Artificial Intelligence

Capricon 33: Artificial Intelligence We become self-aware. February 7-10, 2013 Westin Chicago North Shore, Wheeling, IL Author GOH: Daniel H. Wilson Artist GOH: Karen Ann Hollingsworth Fan GOH: Helen Montgomery Chicagoland’s four day science fiction convention! Find out more:

The post-con edition of Goat Droppings is out!

Did Capricon 32 leave you wanting more? Do you have unanswered questions? Well fear not! Everything you’re looking for can be found in the post-convention edition of Goat Droppings. You’ll find the winners of the tournaments as well as the party and art show awards. There’s also information on upcoming Phandemonium events, like Book Club,…

Capricon 32 – The Egress Times

Did you have trouble finding the Lake Wobegon room? The most intriguing panels all seem to be scheduled there. This year a team of intrepid reporters, led by Leane Verhulst, brought back the story! Enjoy The Egress Times! It’s like Goat Droppings for the reality-challenged.

Capricon 32 – Goat Droppings

Did you miss an issue of Goat Droppings at Capricon 32? Well don’t worry! They’re all available here for your enjoyment. Even if you missed the con, (poor soul), Goat Droppings have interviews with the GoHs, Out of CON-text Quotes, and other useful information. Who needs the New York Times when you have Goat Droppings?…

There’s still time! Don’t miss Capricon 32!

Last night’s dance was more fun than a Kajagoogoo reunion tour! But there’s still plenty of excitement to come. Join us.